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Ever since I really started getting into photography, I’ve been chasing visually pleasing images, but without really knowing what I wanted to say about what I was photographing. I recently started to pick up on a pattern in my work. Even though I am ok with where I am as a photographer at this point, I have still not created something of substance, leaving something that will stick once you look away from the image.

When I look back on what I have photographed over the years I’ve been doing this, I am realizing that I need to start making time for work that means something to me. When I went back to Norway for my vacation in August, I really wanted to take my time to photograph my family. Unfortunately, I didn’t do much about it, but I know I will next time I’m home. Right now, the two most important images I have ever made is two portraits of my grandparents. I made one of them back in June 2008, while I was still in high school. The other one is a portrait of my grandmother, photographed the day before I went back to California. We spent the whole day just talking, and I grabbed this photo on the way out the door. My grandparents was a really important part of me growing up, and looking at these photographs now makes me realize that I need to take my time to photograph people I care about.

I am currently starting a project for one of my classes at Brooks Institute where we are expected to photograph something that means something to us. I just settled on my concept, and I know that this will by far be the most personal series I’ve ever done. I am looking forward to sharing that with you later at some point.

My grandfather Alfred, June 2008


My Grandmother Ragnhild, August 2013


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