Landscapes – Summer in Stavanger, Norway

This year I got to take a break for most of July and went home to Stavanger for a few weeks.

I ended up spending a lot of time hiking, as we have some amazing hiking spots on the west-coast of Norway.
I think I definitely started appreciating the nature here more after living away for a while, as I did more hiking in a few weeks than I’ve done for the past few years combined.
Everywhere I went, I made sure to have my camera with me, and looking back, I’m happy I did.

Some of these were taken after pulling over by the road on my way to hang out with a friend. Others were shot after getting lost in the forest for two hours just as the sun started setting.

It was nice to take a break from shooting for someone else, and just playing with my camera, without thinking about, or being worries what anyone else would think.










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