Javier – Studio


It’s been a while since I photographed people in the studio. This weekend I had an assignment from Brooks Institute on studio headshots, and I decided to take the opportunity to photograph some new people and see if I could get some new shots for my portfolio. I book four models spread out between 9:30 and noon, and I wanted to see how quick I could get the shots I needed for each subject. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve done in the past is to shoot for way too long. This time I wanted to treat this project as if I was hired to shoot for a client, and I wanted to be as efficient as possible. I got into the studio at 8am and got everything metered and dialed in in just over an hour.

I am starting to realizing how much I have learned over the past year here at Brooks Institute. Being confident at all the technical stuff makes it so much easier while photographing people. This time I could set everything up, and only have to worry about minor adjustments when my subject got into the studio. This allowed me to spend the first 5 minutes talking and get to know the person I am photographing without even having to think about exposures or light directions. We spent less than 15 minutes shooting to get everything I needed. Javier was my first model of the day, and he was great to work with! You will probably see more of him up here soon.

In addition to Javier, I did similar sessions with three other models. More shots will be up next week!

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