Ingri:Dahl 3D Glasses – Product shot

This post was intended to get up on my blog a long time ago, but as I had to deal with moving from California, and then losing all my blog content in early january, I had to put it off until now.

This post is about a shot I did for Norwegian designers Ingri:Dahl. Last year, I had the pleasure of working with them, as I needed some glasses to shoot for my portfolio. I contacted them to see if there was any way I could borrow a pair of glasses from them if I returned them once I was done with the project. I immediately got a reply, saying that the glasses were on the way. A couple of days later, I got a bag (!!) of 3D glasses in a variety of shapes and color, which I also got to keep. Definitely a shortcut to my list of awesome people!


The shot I did was shot on black glass, which basically turns your table into a mirror. I love working on black glass, as it’s an easy way to get some really nice gradations on the background.

When you’re shooting products like this, there’s two ways to do it.

You could spend the time tweaking the light until all the ratios, and elements of the product is lit just perfect.

Or you can work one light at the time, and light each part separately and put it together in post-production (my former professor, Greg Voight would probably slap me in the face if he saw me writing this).

I definitely prefer getting it right in camera, but in some cases it’s definitely more time consuming.

When I did this shot, I was really pushed on my shooting time. Because of this, I decided to light each part separately, as it is less time consuming in the studio.

As there is no moving parts to a shoot like this, most of the post production is basic masking (merging one image with another). Here is a video showing step by step what I did in post production.

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