Ingri:Dahl – Commercial Work, Santa Barbara Part 1

I recently had the chance to work with the Norwegian company Ingri:Dahl, who makes designer 3D glasses. I remember hearing about their company a couple of years ago, and I was really excited to see that someone from my hometown, Stavanger, starting a company like this in LA. Last month, I had a project coming up and as Ingri:Dahl is someone I consider my ideal client, I contacted them to see if I could use their glasses for my project. They were just as excited as me about the shoot, and a few days later, I had a bunch of glasses shipped to my house.

kristiandale_ingridahl_santabarbara_01 kristiandale_ingridahl_santabarbara_02 kristiandale_ingridahl_santabarbara_03

This was one of the most fun shoots I’ve done here in Santa Barbara, and I owe that to the great team I worked with for this one.
Jane (Model) is by far one of my favorites here in Santa Barbara. She brought so much energy to the shoot, and was able to keep it going, even after 6 hours in the studio!
Ryan Elizabeth Colket (makeup artist) is always great to work with. I can’t even tell you how much of a difference it makes working with a good makeup artist. Not only does it make the model look good, but it also saves me so much time doing the retouch when everything is done well in capture.
Albert Salgado  has assisted me more than anyone here in Santa Barbara, and it really makes a difference when it comes to making sure everything runs smooth during the shoot.

This is the first of a few posts from this shoot. I will post more of the work this week!


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