Fabio Binder

It’s been an amazing, but busy week here in Santa Barbara. After 5 shoots over 7 days, I finally have some time to share the work we have done. I am really excited to show you what we have been up to!

Over the past nine weeks, the work I’ve been doing for my class at Brooks Institute has been all about traditional portraiture. It’s been awesome so far, and it’s about to get more interesting. We are now stepping into the more creative side of portraiture, and I just finished shooting a series of images inspired by the 1920′s Hollywood actor portraits. It’s amazing to look back at the techniques they used back then, and I really believe that there is so much to learn from looking at work done in this time period. After doing traditional portraits straight out of the book for 8 weeks, it was really nice to throw everything you’ve learned out the window and experiment and play with the light. The shot I am posing here is from the assignment I shot for a class, and is more my interpretation of the style, rather than how they would have shot it back in the 1920′s. For me, it was really cool to study the way they used shadows to create mood in their images.

This was one of those shoots where everything just works. The model, Fabio, did a great job, and definitely kept the energy up during the shoot. Having people on set that are excited to be there, and that keeps a friendly tone is something I really value.

This was also my first time working with a makeup artist. I lucky enough to get to work with makeup artist Ryan Colket for this project, where we did two shoots together. It’s been a long time since last time I worked with others for my shoots, and it feels so good to get back into it. Having a good makeup artist on set really makes the difference!

Lastly I want to thank Albert Salgado for stepping in as an assistant last minute on two shoots this week!


Photographer: Kristian Dale
Makeup Artist: Ryan Elizabeth Colket
Model: Fabio Binder
Assistant: Albert Salgado

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